About CRJStudyGuide.com!

I was a captain with a large regional airline and I have logged over 7000 hours in 20 years of flying. I hold an ATP, CFI, CFII and MEI pilot certificates. I also hold type ratings in the CL-65 Canadair Regional Jet, EMB-120 Brasilia, Citation 500, Citation 560XL, King Air 300 and the LR-60.

I have created what I think is the most complete study guide for the CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 aircraft. This book is the whole systems manual in question/answer format which is a much more efficient method. This study guide is a great way to supplement the normal training material you receive from your airline or company.

The CRJ Study Guide allows a CRJ Pilot to review a aircraft systems chapter in 15 minutes or less after organizing the questions. This book is a great way for a pilot to efficiently study for a checkride? A pilot can't go through the systems manual this fast!

I have found that writing out questions with answers from the manual and then going through them until I could answer all the questions, prepared me best for check-rides.

I tried to make the CRJ Aircraft Systems Study Guide as complete and accurate as possible. Please contact me though our website contact page if you find any errors or anything I need to be aware of. I hope you find this guide useful in your initial training or recurrent training.

The purpose of this book is to assist you in preparing for a CRJ 200 and 700 training event. The user of this information assumes all risk and liability arising from such use. Your company material, procedures, and manuals should be the final authority.