CRJ 200 Study GuideCRJ 200 Study Guide for Pilots

This CRJ 200 Aircraft Systems Study Guide will help you walk into your oral exam with confidence. This study guide covers all of the CRJ 200 systems in an efficient question/answer format. 

Reading and reviewing systems information in a manual doesn't necessarily challenge a pilot's knowledge of the aircraft. Reading a question and trying to answer it from memory is much more challenging and provides positive feedback. Using our study system allows you to eliminate information you don't need and information you understand and allows you to focus on information you need to learn. This is much better use of limited valuable time during pilot training.

Our study guides can really help the learning process during initial or recurrent pilot training for the CRJ 200 or 700.

Look at the following study results on memory:

In one study on recall after students listened to a seminar, students forgot more than 90% of the points from the lecture after 14 days!

One study on forgetting information from a textbook compared the percentage of material remembered after different periods of time.

  • After 1 day 54% was remembered.
  • After 7 days 35% was remembered.
  • After 14 days 21% was remembered.
  • After 21 days 18% was remembered.
  • After 28 days 19% was remembered.
  • After 63 days 17% was remembered.

These numbers say it all. You will forget a lot of what you learn in class and unless you use your time wisely outside of class, you will not remember much. Our CRJ Study Guides will help you study the aircraft system information by focusing valuable time on what you don't understand.

How much time do you think it takes to succeed in training?

The typical pilot training ground school is 1.5 to 2 weeks for aircraft systems. Let's use 2 weeks as an example. That will be approximately 60 hours of lecture time after other miscellaneous time is taken out. For initial training most would consider the material to be a difficult level. Most academic institutions recommend 3 hours of study outside of class for each hour of lecture. You need to find 180 hours of study outside of class in a 2 week period. That is around 12 hours a day on top of class time. You don't have that! That is why it is so important to focus every hour you have outside of class only on what you need to know. Our manual provides the entire systems manual in a question answer format to best allow a pilot to focus on information not understood and not waste time on information the pilot understands.

Stop going through your systems manual trying to figure out what you know and what you don't know. After going through this study guide a few times, you will easily organize what you know and what you don't know on the CRJ 200. This kind of organization will make it much easier and faster to study for your next CRJ checkride.

  • Over 1,200 questions with answers.
  • The average time to go through a system chapter in our book, after organizing the information, is 15 minutes.
  • Easy to quiz yourself.
  • 100% of your study time will be spent on information you don't know.
  • Easily organize all of the systems information for future training events.
  • Build your confidence whether you are studying for an initial training event or recurrent training, this book will help you prepare efficiently.

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